Music as a Self-Expression Tool for Children

After I write this post, I’ll be heading to my daughters’ closet to pick out their clothes for tomorrow’s unschooling adventure–a trip to The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (ASO) to see Tchaikovsky Discovers America, part of ASO’s “Concerts for Young People” series. Both my girls are music lovers, and one (Marley) is learning to play bass guitar, while the other (Sage) is digging violin. I’ve got a great guest post by Leila Viss on behalf of I gladly gave her space on my blog because I think this post offers great supporting insights on the relevance of music and music exploration as a resource for nurturing self-expression in our little ones.


When we manage the energy of our experiences (past and present) instead of just walking along our life’s path tucking, rolling and reacting to whatever comes our way, without recognition of our ability to harness what we know and express what we love, we become change agents. We become the small instances of change that push limitations and fears aside in favor of the audacity to turn a dream into a goal into a series of tasks. These dream-focused tasks become not just what we believe, but what we are doing to see the world we desire, starting boldly with ourselves.

DAY 23 – Trusting Yourself Not To Drown

She learned how to close her eyes without squeezing them out of fear of infiltration of water. She knows not to hold her head all the way up because water would then get into her nostrils. And she learned to trust that she had resources (primarily her mother, in that moment) that were working in her favor, to protect her as she went through the process.


One longtime homeschooling mom (Meredith N. in Tennessee) was gracious enough to answer my questions about her experiences in Unschooling. Check it out, (it’s a portion of the full questionnaire), feed on it, and let me know what nutrients you get.

“If you’re wondering If your kids are learning, then it may be you need to do more reading or thinking about learning itself – what learning is and how it happens. Chances are, you’re stuck thinking of learning in some particular academic sense – not necessarily in terms of subjects, but thinking of learning in terms of acquiring information and skills. Learning is bigger and more complex than that! It’s an integrated process of making connections.”

A Radical Perspective on the Benefit of the Doubt

Sometimes, maybe even most times (and definitely the first time), it’s okay to offer up the benefit of the doubt. But if the same person keeps giving you “opportunities” to offer up that benefit, perhaps it’s not so beneficial after all. And perhaps it’s not about them at all, but more so about you not expressing yourself because it’s easier to acquiesce and call it compassion, fairness, or the high road. I’m not saying that always the case, but I am saying it is always worth considering.