Post 6: 8 Questions About Motherhood and Ma’at

Are you familiar with the term, Ma’at? It’s the name of the Egyptian Goddess who represented truth, order, and balance. Ma’at is also used as a philosophy that carries the same energy as the Goddess. So, one can practice living Ma’at by seeking harmony among all aspects of life.

The term, for me, holds particular significance in my experiences with motherhood, as I believe in harmony over balance, when it comes to work-life flow. For me, the practice of living Ma’at helps me prioritize the role of curiosity in motherhood

I feel that I get better at understanding my daughters when I stop assuming that I know, and start getting curious about what might be. I know it probably sounds more sensible to say that we have to know what our children need, but I caution you against that.

Jay-Z Emphasizes the Value of Context and Self-Expression

Jay-Z will reference the importance of developing and trusting one’s own voice, particularly in the face of turmoil and less-than-ideal environments. He designed the life he wanted, and in this video, he is sharing, using a humble wisdom and comforting wit, reminds us why we must risk expression if we want to live well and be excellent. Tell ’em, Hov!


One longtime homeschooling mom (Meredith N. in Tennessee) was gracious enough to answer my questions about her experiences in Unschooling. Check it out, (it’s a portion of the full questionnaire), feed on it, and let me know what nutrients you get.

“If you’re wondering If your kids are learning, then it may be you need to do more reading or thinking about learning itself – what learning is and how it happens. Chances are, you’re stuck thinking of learning in some particular academic sense – not necessarily in terms of subjects, but thinking of learning in terms of acquiring information and skills. Learning is bigger and more complex than that! It’s an integrated process of making connections.”