Post 30: 40 Posts About Self-Expression

Of course, you know it’s a radical act for black women to dare to accept their hair sans chemicals and efforts to straighten out our kinks. I LOVED being part of this energy, and I took the opportunity to share the message of Radical Self-Expression by way of my latest book. I read an excerpt from the Manifesto, and it felt so good to share that in front of a live crowd. Here’s the piece I shared, along with some photos from the event.

I’m Loving the Kiles World Birthday 5k Run/Walk

More than a year ago, Tameka Raymond lost her 11-year-old son, Kile, in a boating accident. She mourned, she questioned, and then then she used the pain to fuel something positive. That process is at the core of Radical Self-Expression, and I commend Tameka for allowing her son’s spirit and influence to create a space for other children to thrive.

The Little Girl, the Old Lady, and the Sacred In Between

My childhood was filled with incredibly rich experiences, and I was one of those little girls who felt loved and highly valued by just about everyone in my life at that time. The reality of how great a gift that was (and is) is not lost on me. In fact, as I’ve been manifesting more opportunities to speak publicly about my work and my beliefs, I’ve found myself telling my story, recounting my childhood, and recognizing the immense emotional wealth I amassed by being that little girl to love.