Radical Repurposing

Using Your You-ness to Manifest More Money

So, this mindset and process are as you might have gathered, about helping creative entrepreneurs like us transition out of the fee-for-service model as our only source of income. It’s about smart diversification and a CEO-mindset around what you sell. This Radical Repurposing process is one way you can shift from being the technician over into being the visionary—doing less low-priced 1:1 work, and having a more diverse set of income streams that include evergreens as well as 1:1 offers.

Moving past shame with presence and purpose

However shame comes into our lives, its presence is almost never ignorable. And thankfully, it is also rarely ever a long-term feeling. I can recall a particularly heavy experience I had with Shame. I didn’t know it back then, but that experience was an integral part of my transition into womanhood. It was the first time I recall ever consciously deciding that I needed to “fix” something about myself.

Post 7: What I do to live an untethered life

Aamut delivered The Unschooling Entrepreneur’s Guide to Life & Learning to the Afinana community as part of an education workshop series, and emailed me with some questions from her tribe. I’ve responded to her questions (and then some) in this format, and I hope it makes it easier for you engage, explore, and encourage yourself through some untethering and unmuting of your own.

Post 35: 40 Posts About Self-Expression

Natasha’s presence at Radical Self-Expression Summit offered me a visual and spiritual reminder to choose my joy over my perceived obstacles. Whether its loss of pigmentation, relationship woes, health issues, or the myriad other ways life can potentially pull us down into a funk, we always have the option to seek and celebrate being alive and living in purpose. Thank you, Natasha–I need that reminder from time to time.