Springtime in Winter

The past 2 days of my life were spent nurturing my curiosity in the most rewarding ways. As an added bonus, I came back to Kingston to find that I had sold my services, booked a television appearance, and confirmed a new business resource with what felt like little effort on my part.

I’m in my Spring season, and I share this so that you can visualize, re-affirm, and believe in the coming of your own Spring too.

Tell me what’s in bloom in your life; I’d love for this to be a two-way conversation.

Here’s my weekend in poorly structured sentences:

River ProfileRiver hike.
Videos from my God-sent family in Atlanta.
Retreat center perusal.
Passionate talks about peanut butter soup.
Fresh lemonade, gingerbread, and goat cheese with a brilliant artist and her husband.
Faith’s Pen.
Horses with MC-Lyte haircuts.
Brown cows.
The beach.
Chakra cleansing with my firstborn.
Jerk chicken at scotchies.
Hitch-hiking grasshoppers.
Laughter and love with soul mate, babies, and one half of our soulmate couple.

I gave, and still give, thanks.