Sources and Resources: Defined

Want to know the difference between a Resource and Source?

Sources bring resources, and resources align us with our best lives—let’s call it our Big Give.

Let’s deconstruct it a bit…


Our Sources are whatever we associate with our God. My Sources are Creator Him/Her/Myself, along with prayer, meditation, chanting, and any ways in which I honor my temple. This includes exercise, eating something yummy, sensual movements (yes, that kind too), and laughter.


Our resources are the tools assigned to us, by and through our Sources, that we can use to design our Big Give. Each of us have a customized, fully unique set of gifts inside of us that hold what we have to offer the world. It’s the thing you can refine and perfect in a way that at times feels effortless. It’s the stuff you’re most complimented about; the stuff that holds you hostage in a way that causes you to surrender and integrate it into what you do with your life.


This is the action step. This is where you close your journal, shut down your laptop, and BE about whatever you suspect you’re here to do. Work is where you allow yourself to drift off into the breeze with the knowledge that your Sources have gifted you with resources, and your primary responsibility is to embrace your Big Give and do your Work.

A Source can only reside in one place…
Inside You.
It’s irrefutable.
Anything you truly want or embody is Sourced within.
It comes from The Ultimate Source, our Creator, our God,
and so it is divine, ordained, fated, and already complete.

Breathe it in.
Let it guide you.
Trust yourself more.
Make mistakes and be gentle with yourself when you do.
Let your Resources find you by staying committed to your gifts.


That’s the premise I live by. How does it feel for you?