She Speaks Execumama: How to walk your talk!


Logically, most of us know that the first step toward achievement is decision, right?  You made the decision to apply for that position at work, then when the offer came, you decided to accept the position and move forward. No so complicated after all, huh?  Our life is a series of decisions, that when acted upon, become the fabric of our unique Life Design.  Let’s restate and simplify that one even further for our notes, shall we?

When we make conscious decisions in the direction of a particular set of goals, we actively participate in the unique design of our lives.

Life Design—more specifically, the decision to Define, Design, and Live our fullest lives—is what the Execumama Lifestyle is all about.  As with the first Execumamas Speak feature, I’ve found yet another incredible Execumama, bold enough to be about the business of creating her FULLEST life.  Natasha Liburd operates in full Execumama mode during her daytime job, and then comes home to co-run her Lifetime job as one of two lead designers at Heart of Decor, a home decor and interior design team that advocates “affordable design”.  They’re the team gracious enough not to mark my email as spam when I sent them an unsolicited “room makeover” video for my daughters’ room!

Natasha, along with her business partner-in-design Tamieka Green (our next Execumamas Speak feature) are both mothers who prioritize their children, but are unabashed about acting upon the importance of fulfilling their own personal and professional dreams.  I asked Natasha to offer up some tips on how her fellow Execumamas can go from concept to practice when it comes to their fullest lives, and here are her top tips:

Natasha’s Tips For How To Walk Your (Internal) Talk

Don’t be afraid of the concept of sacrifice. “I could’ve stayed in the position I was in before, but instead I decided to pursue my degree. It was hard because I had to leave work, then head to class until 10P when my son was already asleep, then I’d stay up until 3AM to type papers. But what that sacrifice did was afford me the opportunity to get a better job with better hours (because of my degree), and more financial resources for my children.”

Create and utilize your support system. “I’m fortunate to have my mother and some close friends with whom I’ve formed a community for myself and my children.  We do family weekends, family trips, and basically make sure we’re making time to do things together as much as we can.  That’s a great way to keep a balance, especially when you have a full-time job and run a company at the same time.”

You have to make a decision, period. “I always advocate the idea of not being afraid to make a decision.  One of two things will happen: I either learn what not to do next time, or I succeed.  Either way, it’s information I needed to know, and it all starts with making that decision.”

Natasha’s current lifestyle is a brilliant illustration of how we can ease into a process, and appreciate the progress along the way.  Natasha is not yet where she ultimately wants to be, but she’s certainly on a clearly defined life design that is walking her step by step toward her fullest life.  Thanks for your lead, Natasha — we see now that you’re not just an advocate of affordable design, but a full-scale Life Designer as well!

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