She Speaks Execumama: Floating on God & celebrating sacrifice


Tamieka Green knows that her 10-year-old daughter would much rather have her at home than share her with her “day job” employer. Add to that her growing client list at Heart-of-Decor, and mommy and daughter sure aren’t getting the face time they’d both prefer. That particular reality is one of the primary guilt makers for would-be Execumamas, stopping them dead in their tracks, and coating them in a healthy rub of fear, seasoned with doubts.

Not Tamieka though; this 30-something working mom and on-the-side (for now) entrepreneur takes it in stride, and reminds herself and her daughter that the sacrifices are being made by choice, and that they are not in vain! Tamieka’s in conscious Life Design mode, and I invite you to peek into her life, and grab all the inspiration you need.

3 Great Reasons to Celebrate Your Sacrifice

At 10 years old, does it  ever seem to you that your daughter feels like she’s missing out on time with mommy?

Yes, but it’s important that she sees how hard I work to get to (eventual) entrepreneurship. She gets to see the steps I’m taking now, and she’ll remember when I was on the phone with a client at 9:30pm when she’d rather me be reading her a story.  She’ll remember that, but she’ll also see later on that I’ll be at home almost every night, and she’ll know what kind of sacrifice that took.

Celebration Takeaway #1: Just her being open to the idea of being an entrepreneur, and having a sort of blueprint of what it takes to get there, is reason to be thankful.  She may not fully see it now, but she’ll appreciate the dedication later. If she wants to work for someone, that’s fine, but she’ll know that it isn’t her only option.

How do you find time then? Even though your daughter will eventually understand, she still needs time now too, right?

Yes she does, so we make time in the mornings, at night before bed (some nights), and on weekends.  We also do family trips, sometimes just over a weekend, and sometimes longer.  I also communicate with her about what I’m doing, and that helps.

Celebration Takeaway #2: If it’s important enough, you’ll find a way to make time.  Sometimes, my business partner and I take our children with us on work-related shopping trips, and they get to be a part of our Heart-of-Decor world, and we get to spend precious time with them.  It’s just a matter of finding a flow in your life, and you have to believe that God brought you to this place, so it’s definitely worth it in the long run.

What’s one main reminder that you give yourself when you start to feel overwhelmed or unsure?

I tell myself “Pray your way through it.” My business partner and I pray before consultations, we pray before we enter a store to shop for a client, and we pray when we’re at our own homes with our families.  Basically, we’re floating on God right now, and I’m positive that this vision He gave us, is one that is destined for success, we just have to stay with our dream.

Celebration Takeaway #3: You’re not in it alone.  Call on your resources often, and one of those resources is God.  Learn to trust in your entire journey, and know that whatever you’ve been given, you already have what you need to make it through to success. For me, it feels like a guarantee, and so I do what I have to do while it’s being created.

Insistent on living her fullest version of self, Tamieka’s commitment to her daughter, her business, and her self remind us Execumamas that we can definitely find what we need to press forward, when we make deliberate, consistent steps toward our ultimate goals.  Thanks, Tamieka!