Sexy Execumama Status! (S.E.S. Factor)

Tips & Tidbits On How To Keep It HOT!

*Janet Ambrose of Dallas, Texas gets excited when an opportunity comes around where she gets to wear makeup.  Her everyday look is a pulled-back ponytail, “mommy jeans”, a T-shirt, and sneakers.   So for Janet—in her words, not mine—” the whole ‘keeping it fly’ thing just never stuck!”  Janet echoes the sentiment of more than a few busy mothers worldwide.  With jam-packed schedules, including and particularly our children’s laundry list of activities, a mama has to put in serious effort to keep her “Hot Mama” status!

Though it’s challenging, many women do it, and do it well, because not all Execumamas choose to forgo their Sexy! We do have a choice whether to drag on whatever’s clean and head out the door, or take a moment to get our sassy/comfy on like Angelou E., wife, mother, and busy business owner, of Atlanta, Georgia.

I go out of my way to make sure that my mommy gear has an extra “oomph” to it.  I still call the clothes that I wear “mommy gear” because having two sons, I am conscious about my clothing not being too revealing.  However, as a wife, I like to look good for my husband and of course, for myself.  ~Angelou E.

Admit it, you’ve given the in-your-mind high five to the mother of three who whizzes past you in the grocery store, half-chasing one toddler while her other two argue back and forth about whose turn it is to skate on the back of the grocery cart.  She looks just as busy and irritated as you do, but she’s fly in her skinny jeans and simple tank top that proves her stomach is well within reason; a nearly impossible feat after hosting three uterus parties!

What gives? Genetics and plastic surgery aside—because let’s be real, sometimes it’s not a commitment to good health, but the equivalent of hitting the genetic lottery, or spending a stack of dough on surgery—how come some women find time to maintain their S.E.S. factor in otherwise normal (read: hectic just like yours) conditions?

“I’m not a Hot mom.  Right now, I’m more on the lukewarm, ‘plump and frumpy’ mama side, and the hotness is a work in progress.”

30 year old *Lindsey R. of Orlando, FL (mother of one) wants to get back to the point where she looked great and felt the same way, but life gets in the way and she finds herself hindered by her own emotions.  She suffered three miscarriages in one year, and has not been able to shed the weight from the pregnancies.  Oftentimes, Lindsey, like many other overworked moms who are not quite the pillar of health they aspire to be, feel a sense of envy or regret when they see other moms in their age group who seem to fall seamlessly into the “Hot Mama” club.  These feelings can create a cycle of self-deprecation and broken vows to one’s self, and most of us know what that’s like in one way or another; the question is, how do we pull ourselves out of it?

Does sexy even matter after three miscarriages, or three busybody babies, or an energy-sucking job?  Besides, who cares about Hot Mama status anyway, and who decides what’s “Hot”?

YES, IT DOES MATTER, and YOU GET TO DECIDE WHAT HOT MEANS TO YOU! Yes, just as encourages all Execumamas to Define, Design, and Live their fullest version of self, looking and feeling SEXY (yes, in all CAPS!) is very much a part of that fullness.

Here’s my process for Sexy Me!  WHAT’S YOURS?

I DEFINE sexy as having a level of consistent, unfaltering inner confidence that supersedes any fleeting doubts or insecurities. Doubts come, but they don’t linger, and they dare not affect my decision to shine!

I DESIGN that concept through regular exercise, meditation/prayer, staying close to my small circle of energy-boosting family and friends, and committing exclusively to work that feeds my soul.

I LIVE in those series of moments by working to keep a sense of gratitude, growth, and simply being true to my inner self by way of God. Being who I say I am, and not yielding to fear is a big part of LIVING.

How do we work toward a place where we exude confidence, dress comfortably fly, and embrace our personal definition of “Sexy!”?  These Execumamas offer their insight and honest opinions on the S.E.S. Factor:

Who Cares About Hot Mama Status Anyway?

I don’t really care about “Hot Mom” status.  But I must admit that when I get a compliment here or there, I blush and feel good (whether from my hubby or a complete stranger)!  ~Janelle G. Tallahassee, FL

I don’t care whether I am considered a “Hot Mom” by the public or not, so long as I know that my hubby is still hooked!  However, I did feel good the other day when my oldest son, Miles, told me that the little girls in his class thought I was his sister and that I looked “cool.”   ~Angelou E.

Are you comfortable with your post-baby body?

I am very comfortable with my post-baby body.  I was very blessed/fortunate/lucky (all of those to be honest) to lose all my baby weight and then some) within a few weeks of my son’s birth.  Woo-hoo to me!  ~Janelle G.

Yeah, okay…um, unlike Janelle, I am not blessed with the miracle of disappearing baby weight.  I personally know Janelle, and she’s always been a teeny-tiny little thang (yes, thang), and after the birth of her son, she filled out in a beautiful way, and looks fabulous! But me? Ha! My 50-something pounds of weight gain during both pregnancies would still be hanging around like unwanted house guests were it not for pilates, regular 2-4 mile walks, and good old-fashioned water guzzling.  VIVA PILATES!

Here’s what some other Execumamas do to keep their bodies looking and feeling good.

I work really hard (at times) at keeping my body together and fit.  I enjoy dancing, hiking and biking.  Therefore, when I see an area that needs some “special attention” I make sure I work it out.  ~Angelou E.

Like Angelou, I work out, though not on a daily basis, to keep myself looking and feeling good.  I’m not a fan of the gym, but a 3-mile walk, an all-systems-go Miami Bounce or Belly-dancing class, or my all-time favorite, African dance, keeps me in a healthy weight range, and able to keep up with my daughters (most days, anyway!).

What do you do to feel Sexy? 

I polish my toenails and wear open-toed sandals with a cute skirt or dress that shows off my legs.  A little eye shadow and a sheer lip gloss, and I’m set!  ~Lindsey R.

After I get a Brazilian wax, I feel rather sexy!  ~Janelle G.

I love being a girl.  So, I feel really sexy when I have on a dress or skirt (things that only girls wear, well…), applying a new color of shadow or lip gloss, and a fly pair of stilettos.  ~Angelou E.

I garden.  I know it sounds crazy, but taking care of my plants reminds me that I’m good at something, and it gives me time away from my husband and kids.  I always feel rejuvenated and “sexified” when I come in from my garden.  ~Janet Ambrose. (Dallas, TX)

THE VERDICT: Sexy is what YOU say it is! It isn’t defined by external factors, and you know when you’re not feeling sexy! Let’s reclaim that S.E.S. Factor through healthy mental and psychical health. Motherhood is one facet of our lives, not an excuse to forego our Sexy! Hello!!!


So…how would you rate your S.E.S. factor?

Are you looking and feeling fabulous, our will you be using some of these tips to up your rating and begin your well-earned walk toward Hot Mama Status?