Self-Care Activities To Help You Own Your Spirituality

We work on ourselves, but are we working on all the parts that matter?

We work on our bodies. Our reasons may vary, and our efforts may be inconsistent, but we work on our bodies. We work on our brains. We learn new skills or sharpen old ones. We pick people’s brains, read inspiring books, and try to stay “up to date” with information. We work on our relationships. We try to call back when we say we will. We smile at people, whether strangers and friends. We try to show the special ones in our lives that they matter.

But we don’t really work on our spirits. We react to the feelings that reach our spirits, but real talk—by and large—many of us are spiritually stagnant.

Some muscles, like the ones for prayer and maybe even gratitude—might get regular work. But the ones we use to center ourselves, to remove (not just lessen) stress, and to be excellent at discerning—those get ignored unless something forces us to use them. Outside of those moments, we settle for being okay. Not great, just okay. And some days, being okay is the best option, because we are not feeling good or doing well or anywhere near happy.  That’s just part of what comes with the “real life, grown ass man/woman” package.

But if we want out of this unfavorable spiritual settlement agreement we’ve entered into with ourselves, we’ve got to stop settling and start strategizing.

We’ve got to decide that our spirituality, our connection to God-Self, is worth working on in proactive, intentional, consistent ways. I wrote a book about what that practice looks like for me, and I’m publishing it this Spring.  But before I release the book, I turned it into an online course about spirituality and self-care. I wanted to offer the information in ways that allowed for guided exploration and plenty of space for your own intuition. If you crave spiritual confidence, and want some ideas for expanding your current arsenal of spiritual strengtheners, you’ll find the rituals and ideas in this course incredibly useful.

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