See Me Shine: A Contest About YOU!


REMEMBER THIS POST? From the comments and the emails I received, this topic of Self-Celebration is one that warrants constant exploration, and I’m just the woman to do it!  Correction: we’re just the women to do it!  Yep, I’m re-opening the closet door of the See Me Shine movement, and once again, in the words of one of my all time fave Wordsmiths, Talib Kweli, “…ya whole planet catch a tan in my sunshine!”

This time around, I’ve teamed up with two beautiful talents who walk our earth in the form of women, Kahran of Creative Soul Photography, and Ivy of IvaLaArtista.  God is good, and in His/Her infinite wisdom has seen fit to keep the See Me Shine concept in my heart, and I want to share again!  Plus, let me not front—I knew I’d have no problem coming up with more things that I love about myself.  Once again, there’s that feeling in the pit of my stomach that makes me second-guess pressing the “Publish” button:

  • Will people be all “Yo, stop talking about your own self, we don’t care!”
  • Will someone misconstrue my celebration for pompous puffery?
  • What if nobody gets it this time around?
  • Suppose all the people who gave a shit already answered in the first post?
  • What if not one single person responds?

Blah, blah, blah…I’m doing it anyway, AND I’m offering a FABULOUS prize for the chosen one, so you know this is going to be!!


Get your SEE ME SHINE on, then tell us about it here.  Kahran and I have both written posts about our own personal brands of sunshine, so you can use those as examples.  View Kahran’s post here, Or you can simply follow these steps:

  1. Make a list of FIVE (5) things you love about yourself. *
  2. By MONDAY, JUNE 7th, post the five things on your blog or your Facebook wall.
  3. By MONDAY, JUNE 7th, upload a photo of yourself.  It can be an impromptu picture you snap with your phone, or you can pull out one of your faves from your Facebook page–whatever, just as long as it’s a picture of you, unmasked and unabashed.
  4. Comment on this post with a link* to your own See Me Shine post if you’re a blogger, link to your Facebook wall post if you don’t blog, or email me your list and your photo and I’ll put it up on my blog.

*It will be made public, because that’s the point of it.  We’re not feelin’ the “secret shine” thing, so if you’re not shining on some all-the-way-turned-up type vibe, take a deep breath, and CHANGE THAT.

*Want a few great examples: Check them out: MyBrownBaby, MaireDodd, Adiaha, and Traci.


  • Ivy LaArtista will highlight the fabulosity that is your face with a COMPLIMENTARY make-up session.

  • Creative Soul Photography will conduct your COMPLIMENTARY photo shoot, then send you your FREE personalized accordion book so you can stay shining in print, forever!

Click on the image above to enlarge

Yeah, I know: Hooking.You.Up.Something.Lovely


The women who took the original See Me Shine challenge had me riddled with goosebumps with their posts.  They were ALL too fly not to fly, so I chose one of them to grace this contest with their presence as our judge.

One of the FLY Mamas, T. Allen-Mercado of Tea & Honey Bread has graciously accepted the role of judge.  Her post made me want to make a want to SING, because it was an awesome example of Self Celebration! It’s not going to be easy (that’s why I’m not doing it!), and all the entries will no doubt be excellent examples of WOMAN SHINE, but only one will have that extra bit of luck that leaves her with the honor of being the WINNER!

That’s the dealy-o!! And if you’ve gone as far as to read this entire post and are still debating whether or not you’ll share your shine: DON’T HATE, PARTICIPATE! (LOL!).  No, really, participate! Have us catch a tan in YOUR sunshine as we celebrate our fullest versions of SELF!