Right, Mother’s Day Gifts!!

Okay, so you didn’t exactly forget, but you didn’t make amazing plans for it either.  Mother’s Day is May 9th, and if you’ve yet to make reservations at Le ShesheFu Restaurant, the odds aren’t in your favor that you’ll be able to get in now.  What to do, what to do??  Don’t worry, Execumama.com has a few tricks up our sleeve that you may snag in efforts to save yourself from the wrath of a mother, scorned!!

Unique Gift Ideas for the Special Mother(s) in your Life

Reiki, anyone?

If you’ve yet to discover the ancient healing properties of Reiki (pronounce Ray-key), the best way I’ve heard it described is the grown-up version of a massage.  Yes, this particular form of healing is said to trigger the body’s natural healing abilities to encourage stress-reduction and overall relaxation.  Visit your local health food store to get the deets on practicioners in your area, and set ask about gift certificates for the deserving mamas in your circle.

The cold-shoulder treatment for her kitchen

I have a sneaking suspicion that even the mamas who love to cook would appreciate the sole responsibility of devouring (not preparing, sharing or cleaning up after) a delicious meal. Why not look online for reviews on local personal chefs in your area, and treat mom to an evening of deliciousness courtesy of someone besides her! If you’re in Atlanta, Naturi Beauty Concepts is the personal chef service to use–hands down! Not in Atlanta? Check local culinary schools for referrals.

Speak to her sense of smell

Why go for a one-time retreat, when the right blend of scented oils and incense can send mom on a well-earned mini getaway any time of the day? I’ve fallen in love with Smell Goods Spa and their line of intoxicating (and organic) blends. Hand-dipped incense, bliss-inducing oils, and gourmet soaps are just a few of their wonderful offerings. Divine!

Well, why are you still reading? Get your last-minute shopping on…and don’t worry, I won’t tell *winks*