Resources for radical self-expression

Muted spaces. Loud, crowded rooms.
Strange faces. Surgically removed wombs.
Unclear. Unheard. Unknown. Unread.
Diluted. Made toxic. Ruined. Pronounced dead.
“Express or die, Goddess!” she said.

You know how you get frustrated when things just aren’t working out? You plan, you take the right steps, you organize, and prioritize, and you still don’t feel certain that your work is leading you to a place of happiness, service, and wealth?

Been there! Will probably be there again too. That’s precisely why I’m giving this post to you. The women here serve as slices of the cake I eat when nothing else seems to feed me. They write BIG like I aspire to do. They dig deep, and serve up Godwords for me to use when I need to unmute and reclaim my relevance, my brilliance, my Vishuddha.

Breathe them in, if only because I’m recommending them now. It’s important to have Unmuters on tap for the times when shit gets…stinky.

Who are your Unmuters? Do share.

EvYan Nasman

Sex, Love, & Liberation with Ev’Yan Nasman

Because Ev’Yan writes from her core, and when folks get down like that, it conjures up your own self-expression energy, and reminds you what it looks, reads, and sounds like when someone lives out loud.  When Ev’Yan proclaimed “I began to fall passionately in love with my own body. Deeply. Fully. Unconditionally.” she reeled me in. Fast.


Ariane Life Design

Agile Life Design with Ariane Benefit

Because Ariane lives and teaches the principles of self-advocacy, self-love, and building a genuine understanding and appreciation of people’s differences.  If you’re a member of the Neurodiverse Outlier tribe, then Ariane is your homie, and her work will inspire you to keep on being YOU!


Hiro Boga

Energy Alchemy with Hiro Boga

Because Hiro takes my excuses, stares them in the face, and reminds them who the $@(%&#! I am, and how my divinity gets down! TRUST–she rocks cores, she connects bodies with God/selves, and she writes like her life depends on it.  Every experience is an opportunity to write a different story. Those are Hiro’s words, and if they reach you, then you should dive into her work, and your own.