Resolutions Suck! Don’t plan yourself silly, just GO!

Jamaica Tagline

Replace the word “Jamaica” with your name above, then say it out loud.  That message is at the core of Life Design, lifestyle design, life coaching, or whatever other term you want to use for deliberate living.  To simplify it even more: you can’t refine, learn from, or shine on a path that you’ve yet to walk.

Yep, once again “[Insert Your Name], once you go, you know!”  The Jamaica Tourist Board has the right idea, but this post isn’t about Jamaica, nor is it about corporate slogans.

It’s also not about resolutions, since those tend to last about as long as cheap nail polish!  It’s about you, me, life, and faith.

Switch JTB’s slogan up a bit, and you’ll get the phrase I’ve been saying to the woman in my mirror these days: “You Don’t Need To Know; Just Go!”

What’s more, once you start walking, more opportunities will present themselves, but you’ve got to keep walking so they can find you. Notice I didn’t say “so you can find them”, because that’s not what I know.

As I continue to go through this Life Design process to refine my offerings to you, and to live my fullest life, here’s what I’m learning, and what I want you to let soak in:

  1. I know the soil you’ve tilled, and the seeds you’ve planted are poised to bloom in 2011.
  2. I know my Creator, My Source, My God sees my commitment to Life Design and promises to reward me for my steadfastness in walking the thoughts S/He whispers to me when I’m most quiet.
  3. I know that the unique way you listen to people, and that special way you process things is your path to your FULLEST life, and that you deserve to walk in that space.
  4. I know that to walk in that ideal space, you and l need to play bigger, and trust more, and let go of needing to KNOW.

Can you do that?
Can you trust that you don’t need to know?
Can you please just keep going.
Can you cry a little, talk a little, and then go some more?

I’ll see you on the journey, okay? Safe travels!