Radical Repurposing

Using Your You-ness to Manifest More Money

Though it’s easy to wrap our minds around repurposing tangible household items, it’s a lot tougher for most people to fathom repurposing intangible things like words or ideas or even philosophies. But if we can start to understand the value of re-framing and re-introducing our creative solutions to different groups of people, we will start catching up to the reality of the abundance of customers inside this global marketplace.

Get creative, but don’t make the same mistake I made, spending months upon months creating new things, and then only weeks marketing them. Farm your own brilliance by managing the urge to jump from great idea to great idea, and instead, take your BEST ideas, and re-work them several times over so they solve what different groups of people are looking for right now.

I created a detailed online course specifically to nurture the strategy and soulwork around that mindset. I set out to deeply explore the ability to approach anything I created in the past with a new set of eyes. And what what led to was the cultivation of a new skill;; the skill of understanding what I sell and matching that with the needs of a market I’ve either never sold to before, or an existing market (one I’ve sold to before) using a new and useful version of an old service or product.

I’ve been doing that over the past 4 years and it’s been incredibly helpful in helping me to NOT be a slave to my business, and instead, have my business (which is basically my ideas and words as a writer, speaker, and coach) work for me. I’ve repurposed articles I’ve written, books I’ve drafted and never published, workshops I’ve only conducted once, and speeches I never got a chance to give.

That mindset work in Radical Repurposing is in understanding what you sell and matching that—by a continued process of asking, analyzing, and refining—with what particular audiences want. Essentially, Radical Repurposing involves the process of re-assessing the uses of your existing products and services to suit new markets, or to create highly useful spin-off products that can serve your existing markets in new ways.

The anatomy of Radical Repurposing is comprised of a new product made from an old product. It’s like the extremely refined version of Dr. Frankenstein’s theory in a sense. We’re taking old parts, some of which probably work, and some that definitely wouldn’t for your new market or new market segment, and breathing new life into it to create something highly relevant in helping a market solve a very specific problem.  Watch the video to find out more about Radical Repurposing, and take the course for a discounted price during this summer promotional period. Gobs of love!