Releasing Your Wellness Goddess + The Art of Living Well

“Taking time for oneself is still a message that women need to give themselves permission to do daily.”

-Dr. Christine W. Thorpe, Certified Wellness Coach and Health Education Specialist – Cris Simone Beauty + Health

On-the-go.  Full speed ahead.  Gitter done.  Busy making the world a better place.  Holding it own. Raise your hand if you fit the bill in any of those categories.  Uh-huh, I know.  It’s nothing to shy away from, and some days, we’re actually proud of our Execumama status, right?  Great!

But, where do YOU fit into all of this?  I don’t mean the money or the accolades or even the sense of personal fulfillment you get; I mean YOU as in your healthy, fit, vibrant self.  Tell me you haven’t had the conversation about, or witnessed but not discussed, that seemingly successful woman who can check off the primary “Wants/Needs” on her list (great family, fulfilling career, cool car, nice home, financial security), but still needs to lose weight and take better care of her overall state of wellness.  Believe it or not, a well-rested, properly nourished, genuinely energetic woman is within you.  Dr. Christine Thorpe calls her your Wellness Goddess, and I’m betting she’s ready to come out and shine!

I’m officially adding Dr. Thorpe and her beauty and health focused website, to the Execumama Lifestyle Resources list, because through her work and her passion for conjuring up each woman’s Wellness Goddess, she is certainly speaking Execumama! I get whisked away into the world of wellness through, and heaven knows I need the reminder. Today, I’ve got my mic and my amplifier on queue to share the message of Wellness + Beauty with all of you. Grab some tea, and let’s chat…

Interview with Wellness Goddess Conjurer, Dr. Christine W. Thorpe

Cris Simone Beauty & Health is a passion of mine.  The site keeps me on my toes and helps me to practice what I preach, which is living my best life inside and out. Because the tag line is “Experience the Art of Living Well” I am reaching a place in my life where I respect every moment of time I have daily with my husband, my 2 children, myself and my work.  At the end of each day, my husband and I take some time to chat about what we learned for the day.  We believe that we are students in life and each day we are presented with lessons to grow from.  It is through these lessons that I am able to approach my website with creative eyes.

My website is an online lifestyle resource targeting busy women. Since 2009, Cris Simone has aimed to inspire its audience by shaping their discerning tastes in the best of health, wellness and beauty practices; interviewing well-known experts and today’s women who share insight on how they live a premier lifestyle; providing insider tips on fabulous products and services; and by participating in wellness events.

Cris Simone represents the wellness goddess who is within, the voice that quietly speaks to us about self-care. She understands the importance of balancing beauty and wellness, and the desire to live luxuriously. Through this online guide, the aim is to tap into that goddess’ voice and help her to be released into the realm of fully embracing self-love, self-care, and the desire to no longer be a statistic, but a more complete woman.

Along with enjoying Cris Simone, I am also a full-time assistant professor at New York City College of Technology/CUNY in the Human Services Department.  I have a reputation among the students in my department for constantly encouraging them to eat high quality foods, engage in fun physical activity, drink lots of refreshing water, and always strive to live a pleasurable life.

I define my fullest version of WOMAN as being able to love who you are, radiate that inner beauty to the world, and engage in practices that support self-love and self-care.  The fullest version of a WOMAN is designed as spiritually grounded, living consciously each day, a connoisseur of the world, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  I live my fullest version of WOMAN through meditation, taking time each day to appreciate something new in my environment, creating opportunities to enjoy a new experience each month, eating only the best quality foods and engaging in fun exercise.

Well, what does your Wellness Goddess have to say about that? Want that constant ache in your bag, or the bloated feeling in your stomach, or the limp condition of your hair to be replaced by evidence of the proper care your temple deserves? I’d recommend this particular CrisSimone page for starters. Happy Living, Execumamas!