Releasing Your Inner Punk Ass (or) Truth Whispering for Life Designers

What Truths are being whispered to you at this point in your life?

Are you giving your Truths the I-don’t-heaaaaar-yoouuu treatment because if you listened, you’d have to do things differently?

What if choosing to ignore your Truths leads to monumental levels of Sucktivity?

It has for me, and I’m betting we’re not all that different.

Confession: I was a scaredy-cat, punk ass when I first launched

I wanted to speak to people in person about Life Design, but I didn’t. Because I wasn’t…

successful enough
cool enough
fancy enough
fit enough
bold enough
swaggerific enough

to desert my laptop and get all the way LIVE. Very punkass-esque, right?! I know it.

Nowadays, I’m enjoying a personal (r)evolution. It’s significant, and it clarified the bejesus out of my “Who I am” and “What I offer” questions.

I get to work on ME now, and I choose to do it in the open. In doing so, I can serve more people in a more authentic manner, and I am so up for it!

Through my experiences–particularly over the past 6 months–I’ve learned how ready I am to start BEING, DOING, and HAVING right now.

What would your BEING|DOING|HAVING self look like? Would she…

Be in better physical health?
Have much more confidence in herself?
Spend less time procrastinating and more time doing?
Go to more events and speak up?
Operate a thriving business?
Spend more time doing meaningful work?
Travel more (in hotter shoes!)?
Be with a partner who celebrated her and complemented her swag?
Enjoy the status of a celebrated woman in full bloom?

Take these 4 steps with me, and see if you can de-clutter your insides a bit, and start living from the inside out.

1. Write down what your life would look like if you let your Scaredy Cat, Punk Ass self go. And by the way, Scaredy Cat, Punk Ass is inner critic speak, and should not be used judiciously. I, however, retain the right to speak in InnerCritic-ese when I need to face something that must appear sans sugarcoating, ya dig?

2. Write down the things that make you want to run, hide, cry, or pee (not necessarily in that particular order) when it comes to your personal/professional growth.

3. Stare at the list you’ve created, and ask yourself (OUT LOUD) whether those things are destined to happen, or whether they’re a part of the story you tell yourself because you’re afraid of not knowing what may come.

4. Hold the paper in both your hands, and ask your Source to fill what feels dark with an abundance of L.I.G.H.T.

In a space of
Genuine knowledge that your
Heaven is here, your bliss is now, and
That you have the right (and the resources) to move outside of fear.

Can you take any small steps toward living in your LIGHT today? How about tomorrow?

I’m giving you permission to release your inner punk ass, and start listening to your Truths.

I swear, it’ll be the sweetest song ever, even the sad parts, and by the end of it, you’ll be DANCING!

Dance on…