Reject Perfection and Live Emotionally Well

If Jennae Petersen has any secrets, I don’t wanna know them!

Why? Because if she saw fit to keep something a secret—with all the sharing she does—I’m probably not ready to deal with it.

She calls herself a private person, but I swear I feel like I’ve known this woman for decades.  She shares her struggles, successes, and lessons over on her site, and she has been writing about lifestyles and love, hope, design, illness, and wellness for years.  She was one of my first bloggie homies, and I love every second of watching her evolution!

Today, mother, wife, green living expert, eco-friendly decorator, professional blogger, graphic designer, and plain ole’ wonderful are among her list of titles.  Clearly, Jennae must know a thing or three about emotional wellness, or she’d either be way to disorganized to participate in anybody’s conference.

For our session, Jennae wrote a heart-felt post about her journey toward self-acceptance and helping others.

Grab some tea, breathe deep, and read on…

Get your green and gorgeous on with this emotional wellness enthusiast:

Twitter: @jennaepetersen

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