Reflecting on a Spiritual Business Retreat

GUEST POST by Trelani M. Duncan

If I had to sum The Crossing up in one sentence, it would be that:

Entrepreneurship is a celebration, a commitment, and a conscious effort.

It is a celebration in the fact that we were free to choose and we chose. We chose to ignore the fact that society teaches that one should separate your business life from personal life. My business is mine. It is me. We chose to embrace our spirituality, intuition, and feelings. They are our guide and we honor them by feeding them, and we feed them by listening to them.

Listening to them is exactly what landed us from various parts of the world to the same fertile hills and crystal-clear beaches of Jamaica in the downward dog pose. Led by our yogi, Lynnette Freeman, we further celebrated through an infusion of yoga and dance. Every part of our beautiful bodies was challenged through movement…as it should be.

Lynnette Leads

She told us something powerful:

Embrace your feminism and view it as sacred.

For four days and three nights, over bowls of pepper-pot soup, callaloo, sweet plantains, cassava pancakes, bammy, fresh papaya and pineapples, and so much more, we celebrated our commitment. We were reminded of how much dedication entrepreneurship is and requires. Here, we re-decided to be committed to the vision and to the purpose even when:

  • The clients are seemingly nonexistent
  • The most pacifying thing to do is to sit back and watch what the current moguls are doing
  • It’s easier to continue to be the student rather than accept the call of leadership
  • What was once exciting has become jaded
  • Offers that are far less deserving seem appealing

I communed with sisters who also knew that celebrating the difficult and committing to the unseen is far more testing than walking barefoot across sharp coral rock and broken seashells and under low-hanging branches. These women understand that oftentimes you have to unearth a loophole, make a way out of none, and Olympic-swim to the opportunity. This is done through conscious effort, which is made possible via clarity.

Katrina JA

And as Katrina, the retreat co-host, shared:

“Clarity comes from knowing why you’re doing it.”

Problem is, as we all know, the clutter and stress of everyday madness will, if you aren’t careful, make you forget your why. So, Akilah guided us through a chakra cleansing that helped us to get realign and refocus.

Akilah Medz

She stated, which could not have possibly been said any better:

This Highest Self, which I have learned to trust and to turn my lower self over to, is the only place from which I manifest this new world; anything else would be old world all over again.

Looking back, I can confidently say on behalf of everyone that we all gained clarity in some aspect—not only in our businesses, but in our personal and professional relationships as well. It’s so easy to lose ourselves in titles whether it is wife, mother, sister, daughter, and/or businesswoman.

Monique Halley, our relationship expert, emphasized the importance of reclaiming Self, honoring your individuality and being brave in it.

Simply Bliss Hammock

She noted that, “You have to love, understand, and know yourself in order to be brave.” Are you brave? Because brave and beautiful, black women is exactly what this spiritual business retreat consisted of.

It is precisely who hiked up a steep hill, honoring noble silence, in search of whatever it was that The Universe intended for her to have. Then, during our closing ceremony, we committed to our charge to honor those who came before us and assist those who come behind us.

As we conjured

We thanked the ancestors for claiming our distracting “not-it shit” and for paying for the crowns that we can now wear more clearly and confidently. The Crossing was designed for “the woman who feels a strong sense of URGENCY around what it takes to use 2013 to get clear on the standards, systems, and structures she needs to build and maintain clarity, confidence, and consistency not just in her business, but in her mindset, where it matters most!” I got all ‘dat and more.

As for The Crossing 2014, I’m in there. Question is, are you?

Learn more about the foundation of this experience here.

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