Are you looking for an environment where you can share your relationship challenges without fear of being judged? Need resources and encouragement to help you speak up for yourself in your relationship and reclaim the parts of you that you lost in past relationships?


No matter where she is in her relationship journey, every woman who has been hurt needs to understand how to reclaim herself.


Are you ready to BE BRAVE & BE YOU in your relationship?

When you got into your relationship you started off as the very best version of yourself. Eventually that new relationship energy started to fade and you realized that you are losing your sense of self.

Losing yourself shows up when you:

  • Are More Them, Less You

    Immerse yourself so much in your partner’s world, you start fulfilling their needs and neglecting yours.

  • Create Unhealthy Distance

    Keep going further and further away from the people and things that you enjoy having around.

  • Become An Inconvenience

    Find yourself constantly altering your schedule according to what your partner is doing.

  • Mute Out Your Voice

    Start dismissing your own opinion in order to “keep the peace” in your relationship.

Support through the Reclaim Cycle, looks like this:



This is when your sense of awareness has heightened because things don’t feel right and some things need to change. It’s urgent–you need to leave your relationship, but you’re afraid and unsure about that process. The space is created to support you in discovering your worth, true desires and the opportunity to develop the courage to choose YOU over an unhappy relationship.

I'm ready.

Ready to Love Again

Ready to Love Again

You have created stability in your life and you are happy, but you’re starting to crave that familiar feeling of intimacy. Breathing space is created to support you in making choices that’s in alignment with your desires.

I'm ready.



This is your time alone to repair what has been broken and reclaim what has been lost. Space is created to support you in identifying your emotional pain, finding your authentic voice; connecting with your own feelings, needs and desires, discovering your true inner wisdom by learning from your experiences, practicing self-reflection, gaining a sense of clarity about your relationship needs and wants and getting clear about what a happy & healthy relationships looks like to you.

I'm ready.

It takes a huge amount of courage to stand up and demand a better life for yourself. Making a change is always harder than sticking with the status quo. I will help you through all of that.


About a year ago, I went into my attic to sort out some boxes, and I happened upon my old guitar. It had been there for 12 years, untouched.

I took it out, dusted it off, and let the memories associated with my guitar flood in. I was reminded of the person I used to enjoy being. She was so much like the woman I keep trying to be today. She embraced her creative side without reserve, including hand-sewing the case for that same guitar, and strapping it on her back every Tuesday on her way to guitar lessons, joy and curiosity in full bloom.

I felt sad as I wondered what happened to that girl? The short answer… she–I–got lost in my relationship.

I had wandered too far away from myself. But I didn’t stay lost. I reclaimed my sense of self, practiced self-love, maintained a positive attitude, and created a relationship that honors my true self.

Today, I am in an empowering, loving relationship with a partner who is not threatened by my Me-ness. I know there are many other women that are lost in their relationships, and since I know how to find my way back, I want to help her begin her Reclaim Journey today.

Reclaim in a Group


    Emotional wellness education with a focus on relationship clarity. Maximum of 20 participants per workshop.

  • Bring Reclaim to your women’s group and help your circle learn the tools for managing unhealthy relationships, and healing themselves from the pain of past relationship hurt. We write, we engage, we question, and we have spirited conversation about what it means to remain ourselves as we seek meaningful romantic relationships.
  • Group sizes: between 5 and 20 only. Workshop lasts 120 minutes.
  • Each workshop includes movement, discussion, and written activities centered around the specific aspect(s) of relationship your group chooses to address.
We Are Ready!