Raising Liberated Black People Within A Racist Structure

Unschooling Liberation

It’s almost 7:20 on Wednesday night and our family’s evening symphony is in full swing. I’m in the living room standing on my purple yoga mat, half-committed to giving Kemetic Yoga another try. Grunts from my feigned back bends are accompanied by the rhythmic taps of the chopping knife slicing through pieces of pumpkin and carrot.

That’s Sage’s doing; she’s acting sous chef to her dad, Kris, who has gotten used to her ritual of showing up ready to work — often with recipe ideas in mind — whenever he’s making dinner. At 9 years old, Sage is pretty handy with a knife and cutting board, and is generally at home inside a kitchen, or anywhere that requires her hands-on participation. She enjoys painting, reading, digital art (Sketchbook is her favorite app), and loves cooking and baking.

Sage’s big sister, Marley, is not so big on the culinary arts. She’s nestled into the corner of the living room couch, staring at her MacBook, immersed in Shane Smith’s exciting introduction to her favorite documentary TV series, Vice. Marley is 11, and is more interested in forensic science, criminal psychology and all things anime/manga than she is with anything in any kitchen.

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