Radical Self-Expression Moments – Share Your Story

Sometimes, the simplest sentence can have the most profound impact. For example,“You Deserve to Be Happy.”  or  “What You Seek Is Seeking You.” or, in the case of the video at the end of this post…“Share Your Story.”


I feel like there are always 50 reasons why we should be quiet, and not enough reasons we should share how we feel. In this era of dumb ass reality shows and vine videos that leave permanent evidence of a human’s ability to make the worst possible choice, we can still use technology to create communities that heal.


How do you use your Facebook and Instagram accounts? To peek in on others? To share your daily delights? To stay abreast of news and events? To get clients? To share your feelings?


Whatever your reasons, I thought I might initiate some dialogue between you and I around the simple—Share Your Story—sentence.  Let’s call this a reminder that A.You have the right to own and to share your story, no matter the story in that moment, and B.Your sharing can heal you, and it can heal those with whom your story resonates.