Radical Self-Expression Hits the TD Jakes Show!


I rarely share my clients’ identities with the public. The work I do involves the exploration of incredibly vulnerable emotional spaces, and I make it a point to follow each client’s lead as to whether they choose to share our partnership.

Some clients keep it between us, and I honor that at all times. And then there are the fellow radical self-expressionists who entrust me with parts of their journeys, and openly share our “marriage”.

Emotional Nudist and (retired) branding guru Jai Stone is one of my live-out-loud clients, and she and I make it a regular practice to traipse all up and through Vulnerable-ville with our warrior woman gear and our prayer beads in tow.

This Sunday, BET will publicize what I could have already told them about Jai Stone. She is courageous, witty, warm-hearted, and one of the most resilient women I know. During her appearance on TD Jakes’ talk show, Jai will boldly practice radical self-expression as she lets the world in on her personal struggles with emotional management and self-care.

Jai and I have been doing our healing work together for almost two years now, and I gladly took on my role as her supporting shoulder (along with her wonderful sister), through the show appearance process.  I sat in awe and inspiration as she gathered herself during our ride to the station, fought back a barrage of emotions as the glam squad got her dolled up, and raised her voice in faith as she shared as much as she could manage to share with TD Jakes.

You need to see this, because her story is your story in many ways.  You may not struggle with weight, but you may very well be struggling with self-prioritization, self-expression, guilt around your personal needs, and creating a system that supports your transition into the life you long to lead.


Click the image to go to Jai’s post on EmotionalNudity.com, and set your reminders to watch the show and to join the afterparty on Spreecast.