R is for Radical Self-Expression | The Layers of Self-Discovery Tour

You know that feeling?
That feeling that whatever it is that you are, is destined to be something more than average. Something that affects the world in a meaningful and personally rewarding way.

I sit sometimes and think about all the old women and men whose features show up in my face. And in my spirit. And I take shit like that to heart. Do you ever think about the people and powers that make you You?

That You-ness that nobody else could possibly duplicate. That need to explore and express yourself by running your own business, living in accordance with your own idea of bliss, and being comfortable in your own skin.

You know that feeling, right?
That feeling is the core of Radical Self-Expression.
Standing in your own truth in one area of your life, and using that energy to seek out and address mutedness in any area of your life.

It’s about taking full responsibility for the experience you are having, and recognizing that your personal experience IS your power.

The unique way in which you see the world…
the specific life experiences that helped design the person you are, and the skills you’ve developed as a result of those experiences, are what feed the four principles of Radical Self-Expression.

Those principles are old knowings, new commitments, inner work, and outward expression.

If you feel inspired to explore the source of the voices in your mind.  The reasons behind your patterns.  Your Inner Little Girl…
Come talk to her:

If you have ever felt that nudge, that feeling that there something powerful inside of you but you are afraid to acknowledge it, you need to read this book. Personally, as a girl who grew up very shy and self-conscious, afraid to take up space, this book spoke to my soul. It connected me with so many feelings and truths that I could not put into words before. Akilah challenges us in the most artful, natural way to not be afraid of our power. To not judge ourselves for what we feel and what we can create with those feelings.  This is a must-have for any woman who yearns to awaken that stifled voice within. -GG Renee, All the Many Layers

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