Proof Craigslist Loves Me, oh…and room redesign updates

We are nearing our BIG REVEAL deadline for the girls’ room makeover, so I thought I’d give you a peek at the current inventory.

Remember that our budget was $250, and that it only allotted $75 for a gently-used bunk bed, but er…um…the girls were so stuck on the bunk bed factor that the Heart of Decor team prioritized the beds, because after all, the needed to please their little clients!  AND WE FOUND ONE! It looks just like this one:

Tamieka and Natasha—despite their full-time day jobs, and they’re commitment to fueling their concept of affordable design, not to mention their TOP priorities as mothers—made time to answer every email and phone call I sent them.

They scoured Craigslist, viewed would-be-perfect bed and mattress options, and kept me in the loop every step of the way! THEY ARE AWESOME! They even sent me a detailed budget proposal, giving Kris and me a better idea of what we could cut out to keep our costs low.

Want to see the budget proposal? Download the PDF here.

I posted a gazillion photos and all the details over on my Mommy Blog, and I invite you to take a look so we can gasp and jump for joy together!!

Here are the main finds so far…

Stay in touch with us for the reveal video, okay? Oh, and don’t tell the girls about the bunk beds, that’s the pièce de résistance we’ve got in store for them!

Don’t forget to check out my other e-space for more photos.  Getting any ideas for your long-overdue design project?  Heart of Decor just might be able to help you go from idea to reality, and on a real budget at that!!