Project #Flawless12 (Days 3 + 4)

DAY 3 – What’s Your Story?

For Day 3 of Project #Flawless12, we’re telling the story of ourselves.

Christie Prompts…

If your life (as it exists up to this moment) was a movie or a book or a play…even TV series…whatever…what would it be?  
What would be the genre?  
Who would direct it?
Who would write it?  
Who would star in the leading roles and why?  
And YOU get to play yourself 🙂

How fun!  I’m pulling out my favorite Audre Lorde quote for this one:

“If I didn’t define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people’s fantasies for me and eaten alive.”

 With that in mind, here’s my story…

My story would be a series of books, not a movie. I’d write it, and [insert awesome editor’s name here] would make sure my grammar and syntax were on point.  The series would flow like this:

  • Book 1: 3 Near-death experiences prior to age 1
  • Book 2: Coming to America
  • Book 3: My New Life As Someone’s Daughter
  • Book 4: The College Experience (Awareness Central)
  • Book 5: Love, Marriage, and Hurting Parts
  • Book 6: My Babe + My Babies: The New Legacy
  • Book 7: The Execumama Years

That’s all I’ve got so far, but I enjoyed thinking through the major “chapters” of my life thus far.

So, what’s your story?

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Day 4 – Do You Know Your Name?

For Day 4 of Project #Flawless12, we’re resorting to name-calling (sort of).

Do you know what your name means?
Were you named for something or after someone?

I love my name, and I think it’s a good fit for me.  I dare you to disagree *Mr. T. glare!*

Had Christie not prompted me to do this, I would have never found this hilarious “definition” of my name:

Means the most beautiful girl in the world, you must be very lucky to have this very special person. Has the most beautiful eyes, cute face, nices and sexiest curves, and has the greatest personality, but DONT ever make her mad, it be the worst mistake ever.

Guy: Wow you look beautiful, you’re my akilah, i love you.
Girl: Awwh, thank you, i love you too.


That gave me the giggles for sure, but I’m more familiar with the origin and meaning of my name as follows:

Used often in Arabic and Swahili speaking countries as a female name.  Meaning: Intelligence, logic, reasoning.  One who is intelligent and reasons well.

My parents, upon finding out they were having a baby, went to the library to research names, and agreed upon Akilah, were I to be a girl.  Fantastic choice, Valerie and Tony–ya did good!

 So, what does your name mean, and does it feel like a good fit for you?

Learn more about the #Flawless12 campaign over on Christie’s blog.