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Project #Flawless12 (Day two) | Reminding You You’re Awesome!

Not in the know about Project #Flawless12?  Have a looksee at Christie’s intention here.

You can view my Day One post about You #NoFilter here.

Today, Christie prompts us to create a list of reasons we rock, an ode to our awesomeness, if you will.

Christie wrote:

What are “Non-goals?”

“…a list of personal “attagirls”...the things that you’ve been doing well lately, the things that remind you what you are doing good for you, and words of encouragement to help you keep it up…continue what you are doing right.  So…what are your “non-goals?”

I have an advantage of sorts because part of my personal Life Design practice includes a daily recording (via my journal or Photobooth) of the things I celebrate about myself and my inner circle.  I’ll share one that came up on this very night, moments before I sat to write this post.

I have an incredibly wonderful and nurturing family.  My grandmothers [both of whom are still alive] and my mother in particular, serve as living reminders that I come from Amazing, and that is where I choose to hold permanent residence.

My mom is working on her own strength muscles right now too.  She’s the primary caretaker of my grandmother, and Mama as we call her, is slowing down more every day.  Go ahead, read mom’s post, and send some light her way.

And when you’re done, start your own list to remind you that you’re AWESOME!