Post 37: 40 Posts About Self-Expression

I mentioned in my newsletter that I’d be sharing images and spiritual takeaways from my experience at Radical Self-Expression Summit. Our primary photographer, Denise Simone, captured such incredible moments, and our guest photographer, Demetrius Williams, did such fantastic work as well.

As I sifted through hundreds of pictures, intent on finding the absolute best ones to put up in the event gallery, I relived so many of the moments, that I wanted to do a marathon posting fest about self-expression, hence the 40 posts.

The first three moments aren’t from the summit, but they are nice and juicy all the same. Here’s the refresher link if you missed it. It covers 3 moments, which is why this is post #37.

As for today’s Radical Self-Expression Post…

#37: Love Out Loud

Smell Good Spa and Blue Nile Studios

“Exactly one week ago, my family and I were preparing to head down to the Radical Self-Expression Summit, to celebrate and support Akilah. Everything about this event was beautiful and positive, including the people. I’m still feeling joy from it.” –Itiel

This is Itiel McVay and her husband, “King T”.  They drove in from out of town to be at the summit, and they, along with their regal daughters, brought along so much evidence of love.  As I watched them dance, laugh, and touch, I was reminded of how moving it can be to see love out loud.  As they let the music guide them, I saw that they were so engaged in each other’s joy, as well as their own. It moved me, and as you look at the connection smiles on their faces, I encourage you to seek out moments to love out loud too.  Why? Because you get to work your joy muscles while spreading the powerful reminder of love to whoever happens to catch a glimpse.

It is a radical act to choose love over fear in any situation, and witnessing people enjoy each other—particularly when they are happily married entrepreneurs, parents, and community supporters—can inspire you to make some radical moves toward love as well.  Thanks Itiel and King T!

Want to start practicing self-expression in your daily life?  Take a radical course of action with me!

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