Post 36: 40 Posts About Self-Expression

You remember post 37, right? It was about love out loud, as expressed by two beings who live, love, and work in harmony. In a marriage, that takes plenty of honesty, compassion, and resolve.  Friendship, I feel, calls for similar things.


That’s my friend and accountability partner, Katrina.  She’s smiling pretty calmly for a woman who just got bumrush-hugged at the end of her incredible performance. She was our resident Spoken Word Artist at Radical Self-Expression Summit, and her piece, entitled Liberation, had folks crying and squeezing the hands of whoever was within reach.

While I loved her piece, and had heard a version of it from her in the past, that was only part of my reason for that urgent hug.  I was/am also proud of Katrina for risking expression. You see, this was her first on-stage spoken word performance! Add to that, she’s been working on her physical and spiritual bodies in quite a radical way via her Whole Life Soul journey.  She’s sharing how she sheds physical and emotional weight, and she’s doing it unapologetically–not an easy feat in a society that upholds impossible standards of beauty and worth.

It is a radical act to risk expression.  Whether that risk take the form of spoken word, or videos of you jumping rope and lifting weights when you’re not yet at the top of your game.  I love Katrina for many reasons, but this right here–her bold risks and constant attention to how she wants to feel–is why I consider her a #radicalselfie.  Thank you, Katrina!

Want to start practicing self-expression in your daily life? Take a radical course of action with me!

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