Post 35: 40 Posts About Self-Expression

I never know how Radical Self-Expression is going to resonate with people. Some shun the idea of “radical” anythings–comparing it to movements that promote dogma and fear. But then there are the others. The ones who just get it. The ones who have spent years exploring what they need to feel well, and how they can go about aligning their daily lives with those needs.


Natasha Pierre McCarthy is one such woman. A dedicated advocate of wellness, she collaborates with individuals, medical institutions, and wellness companies to provide emotional support and informational resources for people with vitiligo, and those who want to support them .

I met her through my husband, Kris, as her non-profit organization, Vitiligo Bond, Inc. is a longtime client of our creative branding company. As soon as she and I connected via phone, Natasha rolled up her sleeves and dove right in with me.  She helped us get great rates on our print materials, she provided the swag bags for our attendees, and her organization connected us with two amazing women who have been working to remove the stigma of vitiligo in their own communities.  These women ended up modeling in our fashion show, and were both so friendly and so professional, I’d gladly work with them again.

I’m so grateful to be nurturing a friendship with Natasha. She is warm, spirited, savvy, and committed–an absolute radical selfie, and a bona fide woman living in her purpose. Natasha’s presence at Radical Self-Expression Summit offered me a visual and spiritual reminder to choose my joy over my perceived obstacles.  Whether its loss of pigmentation, relationship woes, health issues, or the myriad other ways life can potentially pull us down into a funk, we always have the option to seek and celebrate being alive and living in purpose.  Thank you, Natasha–I need that reminder from time to time!

Want to start practicing self-expression in your daily life? Take a radical course of action with me!

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