Post 34: 40 Posts About Self-Expression

Pictured below are Kelly Love Jones, Cortney Ren’ae, and Dynasty.


Kelly is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist out of New Orleans whose message is about self-love, spiritual connectedness, and embracing joy. Cortney is an entrepreneur who focuses on creative expression by re-framing the pageant market, creating programs for personal and professional growth, and by providing videography services for other driven entrepreneurs. Dynasty is a Hip-Hop artist (an emcee) who focuses on empowerment, positivity, and what it means to truly embody the life of your dreams.

As I take in the joy evident in this picture, I am reminded of how different each of these women are. They have varying interests and skills, and if I were to judge Kelly, for example, by her ability to shoot video, I would miss out on the areas where she truly shines. Similarly, were I to decide that Dynasty should have a “better” singing voice, like Kelly, I’d miss out on the brilliance of Dynasty’s magic.

The Radical Message Is This…
You are uniquely designed, just as each woman shown here is uniquely designed. Each of them had a significant impact on everyone who attended the summit, but for different reasons. Never forget that how you are designed, and what you love to do, will not have a positive impact on everyone. But it will impact someone, and then someone else. Your job, and mine, is to seek our tribe, give our art, and repeat that process as often as we can. If you must judge yourself, let it be on your ability to commit to what you love, and not on how your message is received. It may not be your message, it may be where you’re aiming it. So, don’t go sharpening your guitar-playing skills (like Kelly), when what you need to be doing is looking within, and finding out how to access your own unique magic. BE YOU MORE. Got it? Good!

Want to start practicing self-expression in your daily life? Take a radical course of action with me!

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