Post 33: 40 Posts About Self-Expression

Pictured below is the anatomy of an excellent hug.


Radical Self-Expression Summit :: Tongue & Groove :: Atlanta

Radical Self-Expression Summit :: Tongue & Groove :: Atlanta

Dynasty (pictured right)—the illustrator of that Hug Excellence— spoke such powerful words into our lives at Radical Self-Expression Summit! And I don’t just mean while she had the mic, on her brilliant Dope Emcee flow, either. She was there with her heart on her sleeve, and we felt it.  She came in rockin’ a big smile and doling out hugs and love like she was Oprah on that you-get-a-car episode. But she wasn’t slingin’ cars.  Naah, Dynasty was on that Life Juice!  That type of chemical that your body produces when you are in your zone, filled with love, and boldly exploring and expressing your unique gifts.  That’s Radical Self-Expression at its core; exploration, bold choices, tenacity, and heart.  She gave and received, and poured into all of us, particularly my oldest daughter, Marley.

Here’s what Dy had to say on Instagram about Marley’s spoken word performance at the summit:

Last night, I had the privilege of watching @execumama’s firstborn, Marley, recite an amaaaazing poem to honor her mama. she said “I chose you…I chose you to protect me from mediocrity, dreamkillers and worst case scenario pushers.” ….my goodness. her delivery was so powerful… I was convicted by a preteen! lol. =) what she doesn’t know is that her mama has been added to my tribe and she, just by being her very self, has also become one of my protectors from the very…same…things. I am so inspired by their family unit, the beauty of them all almost moves me to tears. thank you @execumama for the word of encouragement, that I am right on track for the same for me…I know, I just have to keep walking it out. 😉 thank you for being an inspiration! much love to you all.

Thank you, Dynasty, for your presence, for your example of self-expression and trusting your art, and of course, for that life-affirming hug!

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