Post 31: 40 Posts About Self-Expression

Oh my my…the girl is FLY! That’s the chorus in Inobe’s beautifully empowering jam, She’s Fly. She performed that song at Radical Self-Expression Summit, and it reached us. All of us; including my 6-year-old niece, Amayah. She asked Inobe for a copy of the CD for her mom, and she told me the next day that she was pretty sure “She’s Fly” was her new favorite song. Here she is, almost 2 weeks after the summit, still jamming to the encouraging words. I’m so glad my brother, @cosmonautflow, recorded this video…

Please share this video, along with the link to the song, which you can hear on Inobe’s Soundcloud. Share it because it’s a feel-good video. Share it because the words are encouraging. Share it because it will familiarize other people’s with Inobe’s magic. Share it because the Web can use as much positive energy as we can pour into it. Share it because by sending this out, you can help balance out the numerous stupid vidoes about twerking, “modelesque” criminals, and Kermit D. Frog.

Thank you, Inobe! Because indeed, a 6-year-old girl getting to know what it means to celebrate life even when your current situation isn’t ideal, is radical.