Post 30: 40 Posts About Self-Expression

Today, I’m interrupting our Summit flow to add some photos from another enriching gathering. I spent yesterday evening vibing, smiling, and dancing with the women and men of the Loc Livin community at the first annual Loc Appreciation Day here in Atlanta. The event was organized and hosted by Eleasha of Loc Livin, and co-hosted by Yannie the Locologist, founder of the Locology Movement. I met them both through Instagram, and we’ve been supporting each other’s work/events ever since we realized we shared an urgency around the inclusion of a healthy lifestyle as part of our daily flow.

Loc Appreciation Day was about the celebration of natural hair in the form of locs. More importantly, the gathering was held to create a community setting for addressing holistic living, and including the focus of a healthy body and mind, in addition to healthy locs.

Of course, you know it’s a radical act for black women to dare to accept our hair sans chemicals and efforts to straighten out our kinks. I LOVED being part of this energy, and I took the opportunity to share the message and impact of Radical Self-Expression by way of my latest book. I read an excerpt from the Manifesto, and it felt so good to share that in front of a live crowd. Here are a few photos from the event, plus you can click here to see a video clip of Nikki Von Nu, the oh-so-sensual and engaging belly dancer who blissed out the event with her art.