Post 29: 40 Posts About Self-Expression

Monique and I co-hosted Radical Self-Expression Summit together for several reasons. Friendship, trust, and a shared vision were among the top reasons, but there’s one more primary reason; she was nervous about “stepping out”.


Monique won’t mind me sharing this with you, because she knows you get nervous about your own version of “stepping out” too. But here’s what I love about Monique Halley, my client-turned-friend-now-business partner: she knows how to move ahead, even when she is afraid. That’s kind of one of her superpowers, and I admire her greatly for that gift.


She did a great job hosting the summit, and as I continue to push her from behind her camera, and further outside of her existing circles, there’s something else you should know about Monique. She may get all Nervous Nelly when it comes to public speaking, but when it comes to holding a woman’s hand, and guiding her out of stuck spaces in her relationships–Monique loses all fear, and stands in her gifts and experiences. You see, Monique does RECLAIM WORK, a radical series of practices and open dialogue that helps women find and assert themselves in whichever relationship brings their biggest sense of mutedness at the time they are working with Monique.


About a year ago, I went into my attic to sort out some boxes, and I happened upon my old guitar. It had been there for 12 years, untouched. I took it out, dusted it off, and let the memories associated with my guitar flood in. I was reminded of the person I used to enjoy being. She was so much like the woman I keep trying to be today. She embraced her creative side without reserve, including hand-sewing the case for that same guitar, and strapping it on her back every Tuesday on her way to guitar lessons, joy and curiosity in full bloom.

I felt sad as I wondered what happened to that girl? The short answer… she–I–got lost in my relationship. I had wandered too far away from myself. But I didn’t stay lost. I reclaimed my sense of self, practiced self-love, maintained a positive attitude, and created a relationship that honors my true self.

Today, I am in an empowering, loving relationship with a partner who is not threatened by my Me-ness. I know there are many other women that are lost in their relationships, and since I know how to find my way back, I want to help her begin her Reclaim Journey today.

Want to start practicing self-expression in your daily life? Take a radical course of action with me!

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