Post 28: 40 Posts About Self-Expression

Confession: I have a favorite performance from Radical Self-Expression Summit


It’s my firstborn daughter, Marley. She performed a piece from my manifesto, and owned it in such a way that it elicited applause, reflections, and tears from the hands, eyes, and souls of our attendees. Kris and I are so very proud of her for reminding us how to risk expression!
Today, there are two messages I want to share on Marley’s behalf. The first one is a testimonial from fellow performer and Radical Selfie, Dynasty, The DreamPusher. Here’s what she had to say about Marley’s performance:
I see the message herein as this: don’t underestimate children. They are sharp, capable, and fully formed. Our job is to be guides and respectful observers, not dictators of how their lives unfold.
The second message I’ll give you tomorrow, because this one is plenty.

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