Post 26: 40 Posts About Self-Expression

Vanessa was one of our brilliant honorees at Radical Self-Expression Summit. I love so many things about this woman whom my Literal Self barely knows. Among those many things are that she is incredibly familiar to my Spiritual Self, and that she has a strong tendency to appreciate magic, and to be magical herself are traits that top my reasons-to-love-her list.
Do you know anyone like that? Someone you don’t “technically” know, but spiritually, you and they clearly have become connected? Yeah, well that’s what this psychotherapist turned spiritual healer represents in my life. She is a longtime activist, a warm, loving person, a bona fide magician, and of course, a radical self-expressionist.
What follows is Vanessa’s what and why, in her own words. I offer her Life Design to you as a reminder that our tribe is not alone. There are countless women and men out there risking expression, following their intuition, and insistent on exploring and expressing what’s been sewn into their souls.
A Soul Doula™ is a guide, a witness, an inspiretrix and holder of hope as you enter the process of giving birth to your authentic self.
During times of powerful transition it helps to have someone supporting you on your journey. After years of providing psychotherapy, I woke up one day and said “I do not want to work with sick people anymore!” Initially, I thought that this meant that I needed to find a new profession but what it really meant was that I was being called to transform how I viewed people who came to me for consultation. My job was not to fix anyone but to co-create safe enough space for my clients to allow new and more desirable aspects of themselves to emerge.

As a Soul Doula™, I invite people to go deep, to tap into their most soulful desires and to create a life that reflects their more passionate and powerful selves. A Soul Doula™ stands at the gap between what our soul calls us to be and what are circumstances have allowed us to become up to this point. An important part of the birthing process is learning to engage in “full spectrum feeling” without avoiding or stuffing feelings which scare us or others. . A Soul Doula™ understands that powerful emotional change can emerge as easily from laughter and dreaming as it can from grieving and raging.


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