Post 25: 40 Posts About Self-Expression

Remember Floetry? Say Yes? Butterflies? Getting late?

Okay, so remember that they broke up? If that broke your heart too, I got some feel-better right here, Sug’–keep on reading…

I am often asked about the kinds of books I read. I believe that readers are leaders, and I prioritize the reading and processing of the written word as part of my daily Life Design.  I also take full advantage of the many video resources that support my constant search for my tribe.  One such video is my focus today.

I posted this video on Google+ a while back, and it just came across my radar again today.  Can I just say that Natalie Stewart (the Floacist) is such a lightbeam and a real example of radical self-expression in action.  Take 15 minutes to breathe this in, and tell me you don’t want to just get off this computer and start risking expression in even bigger ways!


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