Post 21: 40 Posts About Self-Expression

This video came out in 2010, and I completely missed it.
But I’m making sure you don’t miss it now.
Jesse Williams (Debbie Allen’s son in “Grey’s Anatomy”. Kepner’s hubby.) illustrates how one risks expression on the vital topic of the deliberate omission of black history and culture from American public schools.
More specifically, poor school systems—usually in neighborhoods largely populated by black and brown children—that fail their communities because their government has failed them, are the most susceptible to the damaging whitewashing of their people’s contribution and relevance to America and the world.
Williams damn near said it word-for-word “RISK EXPRESSION” 2:17 minutes into the video. He’s speaking from from his soul; you gotta see this.

Jessie Williams, #RadicalSelfie

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