Post 2: 70 Lip-Biting Ways to Practice Self-Love

We all know what it’s like to feel MUTED.

It’s as if we know what we want, but we’re afraid to push too hard against what we have.  You know, just in case …

We forget the privilege of radical self-expression.  We try to maintain work-life balance.  We talk about living as black women. and women.  And entrepreneurs.  And spirit-led beings.  And people who believe in Bob Marley’s charge that we should all wake up and live.

But in some areas of our lives, all we do is sit tight and sell ourselves shit like “weather the storm” and “tough it out” while we stagnate and stifle our inner voices.

Sounds pessimistic, don’t it?  But it’s not.  Was it James Baldwin who said in order for the truth to set you free, you must first be willing to face the lie that held you captive? Whoever said that shit is my hero today, because I think Fall is the ideal season to let our big lies die.

Any limitation you and I are currently experiencing is as a result of a limited belief we hold.  In order to reclaim our truths, which is the natural result of letting our big lies die, we must practice self-exploration.

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