Post 19: 40 Posts About Self-Expression


I read a great interview on Tayari Jones today. In it, Eve Dunbar asked her questions about her journey to becoming a professional writer. One response struck a major chord with me, and perhaps with you too.

It’s about permission to quit something, right smack in the middle of that shit. Right when it feels so wrong, and even when you feel like you worked hard to get to that point.
Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 11.40.57 AM
See that? See how it’s sometimes about the questions, and not the answers?  See how Pearl Cleage (with her amazing self!) just posed a question that offered so much resolve, and so much confirmation in its simplicity?

The takeaways that came up for me were: What are you holding on to, that is ready for you to let it go?

When you think about how you want to feel, what’s showing up as a barrier to that feeling? Are you fully expressed today, and if not, what can you STOP doing to better align with how you want to feel more often?

And here’s a link to the full interview, posted on by Darnell L. Moore

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