Post 13: Feeling Out Loud When Everyone’s Watching

I’m sitting in my mom’s backyard watching the old man who lives next door to her.  He’s working in his garden, and he doesn’t see me sitting here. I assume he doesn’t see me because he just pulled his pants below his bottom to tuck in his shirt and fix his pants.

As I watch him, feeling like part voyeur part God, I think about the things we will and will not do when we think people are watching.

I believe that radical self-expression is the processing vehicle for the “Will I or Won’t I” choices we make each day.

Will I try to look composed and confident, when in reality I am confused and unsure?

Will I put my mouth on mute, or will I tell them how I really feel right now?

Will I pretend to be engaged in this moment, when I want nothing more than a quiet place and a tall glass of something with oomph?

Will I smile and nod, when I prefer to be straight-faced and somewhere else?

We settle a lot, but we don’t have to. Remember the option of choosing yourself and your authentic feelings in any given moment.

Choose yourself, not out of rebellion or anger, but out of divine right.

Choosing yourself is a radical act, and with that practice comes greater access to your fully-expressed Self.  Feel how you feel, then BE how you feel. It’s that simple and that complicated.  And so very worth the practice.