Politics, Votings, and Self-expression

You know that I’m particularly interested in helping you un-mute your life, right?

Well, I think it would be irresponsible of me not to mention the ways I believe voting serves as MAJOR Life Design mojo, and helps us un-mute in many ways.

Choosing your representatives, expressing your preferences, and participating in decision-making processes where you live, are ways you can un-mute your voice today.

I’m not the one to closely follow all political decisions, and you won’t find me rattling off statistics about which candidates kept their word, cheated on their spouses, or kissed the most babies, but …

• I’m an entrepreneur, so I need to know whether the people in office (local and national) support how I choose to sustain myself.

• I’m a woman, so I need to keep myself informed about the people and policies that aim to keep me in June Cleaver mode, with little access to self-expression resources.

• I’m an immigrant, and that makes me a target in many ways.

• I’m a mother, and I must inform my daughters of the who/what/why when it comes to the policies that dictate what we can have, get, or do wherever we live.

I saw this post today on HuffPo, and thought of you.

Do you see how easy it is for us to be (and stay) muted if we don’t know who is in support of our self-expression resources (such as voting)?

I’m making no claims here, but I am encouraging you to

  • Stay informed

  • Express yourself

  • Vote (please!)

  • Share what you know

  • Be a seeker of information

  • Raise Seekers as well

Don’t let anyone put you on mute. Life Design is more than feel-good talks and creating awesome products! It’s about being yourself in every possible way, and owning your power as a relevant voice in this world.

Your voice, your perspectives, and your rights are important—treat them as such.

Plenty Love to you!