I believe that the more I get to know myself, the better I can identify, then manage my emotional state in any given situation.  This episode is aligned with that belief.  I invite you to listen as I offer a reading of Sangodara’s brilliant sharing of her visit with the spirit of Nanny of the Maroons during her tour through Accompong Town, the current home of the Maroons, nestled in the Parish of St. Elizabeth, roughly 40 miles South of Montego Bay, Jamaica.

After you listen, take a few minutes to tune in to your own stories, recount your own tales of new roads to walk down, big fears to fight through, and rampant attacks to overcome.  In all of those moments, know that your emotional wellness, and your capacity to choose yourself is always an option. Always.


Podcast intro and outtro music by Kevin MacLeod, song entitled Suvaco do Cristo.