In my life, probably much like yours, Creator often sends strangers along to remind me of my responsibility as co-Creator of my life’s design.  Like you, there are many truths that I inherently know. And like you, I sometimes lose sight of those truths and replace my divine knowing with the usual suspects:

lack of presence
disobedience to Self.

I recorded this message weeks ago, and today I knew I needed to share it. It’s about forming a partnership with your Source, instead of attempting to outsource what can and must be done from the inside out. It’s about how our prayers stall out on the highway, because we neglect to service our spiritual vehicle.

Is your spiritual vehicle stuck behind your barrage of prayers?  If so, these two words can jump you back into inspired action:

Pray outward.

You see, most of us tend to pray upward. We ask God either to allow something to happen, or to stop something from happening. But what I’m asking you to do today is to put equal attention on praying outward as you do praying upward.

Praying outward is the regular servicing of your spiritual vehicle. It’s that oil change, that radiator flush, those regular washes, and any other action you can take to help keep your vehicle in a condition that serves you, the driver.

I believe it is our responsibility to operate in service of ourselves by making sure that what we pray for is in harmony with what we do daily.  Creator listens and speaks, but only you can apply what you hear and know.

Listen to my first podcast, as I tell you how two strangers were gracious enough to help me understand the value of praying outward.  The next step, of course, would be to service your spiritual vehicle.