Things Unschoolers Do: Pizza Making

We’re always looking for a good reason to get together with people we love. And food has always been the perfect reason to get together, engage, and enjoy creative expression that results in full bellies. This time, we met up with my sisterfriend, Monique, so that our foodie children could practice their food-lover skills. We met at our favorite Farmer’s Market and kept a safe distance as our children shopped for their ingredients, discussed options, and managed their budgets.

This is one of a myriad ways that we make space for our children to practice real-world skills doing things they enjoy. This is unschooling, this is life, and this is how we collaborate with people in our community. Below are some photos from our experience. My daughters, Sage (pictured below in …. wrote the captions, and my other daughter, Marley took the pictures with help from Auntie Monique. Enjoy!

Pharaoh & Sage Make Pizza with Friends

We started at Dekalb Farmer’s Market, to pick up the base and toppings for the Pizza. We set a budget of $25.00, which was reasonable considering the general pricing of the market. Pharaoh was checking our budget with his phone’s calculator.

Pharaoh had made a list of the basic things we may need, and it looked something like this:

– Cheese (Mozzarella)
– Sauce
– Green peppers
– Turkey
And we picked all of these up. We did some mild changes though.

The first change was the “Turkey.” That term wasn’t specific enough, so we decided to get turkey sausage. I can’t remember what the brand was but it was good.
The other change was the mozzarella. We originally picked up dairy cheese (it was pre-grated) , but in the sauce area we found a vegan version, but it was a block. We decided to buy the vegan one just to Pharaoh could try something different.

When we got home, we washed our hands and got prepared to begin. We started with grating the cheese, which was started by Pharaoh, tested by Amayah, my cousin, and finished by me. By the way, Amayah is the one in the jacket with the white stripes on the shoulders, and she was our helper the whole time). We ended up grating too much and didn’t even use the whole box.

While I finished grating the cheese, Pharaoh was cutting up the green peppers on the other cutting board (I say “other” because my dad was making chicken at the same time and using the actual cutting board). So by “cutting board” I really mean I used a paper plate to cut the turkey sausages.

While that was happening, the dough had been proofing (which just means it was sitting at room temperature for about 2 hours), so I emptied it into a bowl. I started to knead it, bit it was too sticky. Turns out we had forgotten to use flour. My dad was kind enough to get it for us, and I’m sure it would’ve been much harder without it.

When we got the flour, we coated our hands and kneaded the dough with the flour. We kept on having to put more flour on our hands, and it was troublesome to keep pausing for that, so I took it upon myself to appoint Amayah as the designated Flour Girl. She was in charge of pouring the flour when we needed it. She did pretty well.

We preheated the oven, and put the toppings on the pizza, starting with the sauce. Then we added cheese, peppers, and the sausage. We then added some of the extra cheese on top.

We put the pizza in the oven and went into Pharaoh’s room to rant about the remaining half of the Percy Jackson movie. After the movie was over, the pizza was still not done. So we returned to the room to play some board games while the Moms finished organizing a bookshelf.

Finally, it finished. We took it out of the oven and asked Dad to slice it up for us. The parents moved from the table and we sat down with paper towels, garlic powder, pepper, and some more shredded vegan cheese. It tasted really good, especially with the green peppers and garlic powder together!

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