Photography Gone Child

When a picture truly captures the beauty of a moment—be it the slick grin of a your mischievous 4-year-old nephew, the coy side glance of your daughter, or the adorable a discomfort in your husband’s face as he poses nervously for family photos—it is then that you appreciate the old adage of a picture being worth a thousand words.  I didn’t care much about photography until I became a mother, and later a business owner, and then the value of great images that tell stories, stir souls, and invoke tears became a bit of an obsession.  Earlier this year, when I was contacted by Kahran Hill of CreativeSoul Photography, my level of interest in top-tier photography went from mid-level to through the roof.  She and her partner, Regis Bethencourt, may as well walk around in wizard cloaks and spell books, because I swear, they know magic.

See for yourself… *Pulls back velvet curtains and waits for dramatic series of gasps*


Do yourself a favor: visit THEIR WEBSITE and witness more of their beautiful magic today.  If you’re looking for family, event, or personal photos that capture your particular brand of sunshine, contact CreativeSoul Photography, oh, and be sure to tell them Execumama sent ya, they have SPECIAL PROMOTIONS just for YOU! See, it pays to read *smiles*