Open call for authors: A Letter To My Abuser

The statistics of abuse against women are alarming enough. But add to the reality that abuse usually goes unreported or ignored, and we go from alarming to unacceptable. Lilies of the Field Media, LLC is an embarking on its third book collaboration, A Letter To My Abuser: Once a Victim, Forever Victorious, which is our call to action for this issue.

Taking on taboo and touchy topics, this book project was created to uniquely allow the author to stand in her power and share her perspective of being abused by writing an actual letter to her abuser.

Imagine being able to confront the person who abused and mistreated you.

Whether verbal, physical, emotional, mental, sexual, financial and spiritual, what would you say to him, her, them about the pain that they’ve caused you?

I am seeking a few more women that are ready to answer that question, no holds barred, to further complement A Letter To My Abuser with their powerful stories. Ideal contributors are interested in becoming authors, but more importantly, they see this as an opportunity to find personal freedom through their release, and to be advocates for others.

I know firsthand how writing can be freeing and therapeutic, which is why I created Lilies of the Field. My mission is to:

• Turn Pain into Purpose
• Raise Awareness and Create a Platform to be Heard
• Provide a Way of Healing and a Release from Issues
• Provide Solutions, Insight, Information, Inspiration, Healing, Perspective, and Empowerment
• Use Storytelling and Storysharing to Connect Our Experiences

This collaboration is necessary because our voices are necessary to be heard. If you are interested in joining A Letter To My Abuser book collaboration or if you have any questions, visit my site for details or email me directly with your synopsis or questions. I have a few spots left and one may have your name on it.

Sharisa T. Robertson
Lilies of the Field Media, LLC