Post 9: On SuperMoons & Healing Disguised as Hurt

Last night’s SuperMoon was kind of a big deal. It reminded me to share a video I did about Radical Self-Expression as part of a healing process.

I’d been feeling the flow of emotions for weeks prior to tonight. And I knew that I has spent most of August in a space that felt a helluva lot like hurting, but was really a space of healing.

My best friend came into town, and when she and I met up for dinner, we talked about recognizing what healing looks like. We both recognized that we’d been expecting healing to feel like unicorn farts and fairy sprinkles, when in reality, it can feel like shortness of breath, night sweats, uncontrollable crying, and avoidance.

Healing has layers and texture, like any good art.
Healing feels however the hell it needs to feel.
Healing calls for us to surrender gently and mindfully.

And essentially, healing can often hurt.

So, in case you’ve been involved in the tough art of battling depression and despondency, remember that you may already be healing, it just may not feel the way you expected healing to feel.

And while you heal, Love—remember not to let them rush you through your pain. More on that tomorrow.

For now, I think this video I did a while back about the hurting and healing stages may offer you something you can use. Sending you Light!

Can’t see the video below? CLICK HERE to watch on YouTube.