One Truth About Excellence

Cheerleaders won’t win you the game.

As fun as they can be to watch and engage with…
Cheerleaders can’t WIN you the game.
It takes the players, but even more so…
It takes the players’ commitment to outsmarting, outpacing, and outlasting her opponents.
In your case, as is with mine, the opponent is Fear.
In the words of my friend and fellow Lightcaster, Reverend Jennifer Rogers:
Fuck fear!

And so I offer you this option
Quit cheerleading, minimize the number of cheerleaders in your circle,
and start building a team of genuine players who
1. Need to leave this earth knowing they truly lived.
2. Want to create a support system with and for you.
3. Are worthy of being in your circle.
No half-steppers allowed. Life is too short and too long for that.

Be that woman you’ve long admired, mama!
It’s your turn, and there’s a universe filled with genuine players
waiting to be on your team!

Here’s a start to your Mast(H)ery.
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